Pinhole Camera

I both dislike and like pinhole cameras, I dislike the pinhole because it could take many try’s to get the picture I want and there could be a problem with the pinhole itself so I might have to keep changing the ‘camera’. However I like the pinhole when the pictures come out complete, with detail and great exposure as well as not having to keep changing the ‘camera’.

Making a simple pinhole camera allows you to make an easy way to take a picture. These following tasks will need to be done in a dark room, making sure there is no light as it will effect the photography paper. When in a darkroom you have to be aware of your space as it will be dark. When working with the development trays make sure to work left to right: developer, stop (only for a few mins), fix (about 5 mins), wash (20 mins).

To make a pinhole camera you need:

  • To first find a canister with a lid  (gravy tube), paint both the inside tube and lid as this stops light from entering.
  • Cut a small square out from the middle of the canister and then cover the hole with a small piece of tin foil, to secure the foil use tape around the edge.
  • Find a small sewing needle or pin to make a small hole in the center of your tin foil (make sure not to move the pin around).
  • Cutting a piece of photography paper use blue tack to secure the paper inside the canister, you need to make sure the shiny side is facing the pinhole, put the lid on and make sure no light is getting in.
  • Cover the hole you made with your finger making it light tight, be careful not to put your finger through the tinfoil, then find the object you want to photograph and choose the amount of time you leave the paper expose.
  • Cover the hole and go back into the dark room to the developing trays.

When the picture is developed it will become a negative print meaning the picture will be opposite (bright objects will become dark, dark objects will become bright), using Photoshop you can scan your picture and change the image to positive.



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