Exposure and Obscurer

Light exposure:

  • When the picture turns black it means it has been over exposed and you should half your exposure time.
  • When the picture stays blank (white) it means it hasn’t had enough exposer and you should either double your time or have a higher time set.

Camera obscurer:

I like camera obscurer because of the way the picture appears, we as a class covered all the windows to block any light from getting into the room and then had a long piece of paper in the middle of the room facing a window with a small hole, this allowed the image to appear on the paper, the image was whatever was out the window so trees, cars and buildings this image was however upside-down so it got difficult to tell what was what, we then used a smaller piece of white paper and held it in front of the hole allowing the picture to be seen more clearly.

What is camera obscurer?

Its the most basic form of photography

Why is the image upside down?

The image is upside down because light travels in straight lines.


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