10 Rules of photography

1st rule: Rule of thirds, position the subject on the intersections.

2nd rule: Rule of balancing elements, including another object that is less important.

3rd rule: Rule of leading lines, use lines to direct attention to the subject.

4th rule: Rule of viewpoint, the position the photographer takes when taking the picture.

5th rule: Rule of background, the scene that is behind the subject.

6th rule: Rule of symmetry and patterns, you can work with or against symmetry and patterns to either create focal points or tension.

7th rule: Rule of depth, aperture = small + large F number.

8th rule: Rule of framing, using the environment or creating objects to create a frame for your image.

9th rule: Rule of cropping, removing parts of an image you don’t want anymore as they could be distracting or just useless space.

10th rule: Rule of experimentation, experiment with angles, settings and the light.


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