Liverpool trip

As a class both level 2 and 3 student when on a photography trip on saturday 15th october. This trip was to the Digital splash event, at this event there were many stalls that were selling a range of products. These product went from cameras to telescopes and binoculars.

Once we finished looking around the stalls we met up and waited for the tutors, Lance a tutor for level 3,  set a challenge for the whole group. At the Albert dock there were lots and lots of chain railings these railings had locks attached to them from couples to best friends, one of us had to find Lance and his wife’s lock and take a picture as proof to win a prize.


After the challenge was over we were allowed to walk around and take pictures of anything we wanted.


When the trip was over we were able to Photoshop our images to change whatever we thought would look better we could also change the raw file before editing on Photoshop itself.

For the statue image I changed the hue and saturation turning both of them all the way down, I like the edited image as the statues appear to look much older and the image gives off a memorial type of vibe.

The water image was only slightly changed, by using photo filter I changed the picture to sepia and then turned the density to 68%. Even with the slight change the image looks much clearer as the light was too bright, this made the clouds and the building in the left top corner bled together by adding the filter I was able to separate the sky from the buildings.

For the statue of metal pipes I changed the brightness and contrast making the picture a lot brighter, I then changed the vibrancy to bring more colour into the image as the original looked dull this made the grass and the statue itself look more lively.

As for the building image I changed the raw file before using Photoshop itself, I turned the temperature and highlights all the way down and only brought the shadows up to -68, once that was done I opened my image onto Photoshop this is were I removed the clouds from the sky and miner details that I found distracting.




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