Project 1, Week 1

Level two started their first project on Tuesday 1st november, this project will last 5 weeks and each week we have a target to finish. Week 1 was all about research we had to present this to our class as a powerpoint.


Slide one – This slide talks about my chosen theme and the skills I will be using and what each skill within this project is and means, the skills I have chosen are light painting and location i have chosen these because I can do both without wording about where my images can be taken.


Slide two – This slide talks about my audience, my target audience is anyone who uses social media and the age can vary from young to old my audience also targets anyone who is interested in photography.


Slide three – This slide is linked to my second slide but goes into more detail and as to why I have chosen my communication method. I have chosen this because everybody young or old has some sort of connection to social media this means my photos have a wide range audience and can be seen by many people.


Slide four – This slide contains a mood board with images that link with my theme, this mood board shows different styles of location within light painting. I have boxed certain images in red this is to show the certain images that i prefer and think that are easy to replicate.


Slide five – This slide contains my production plan and what i’ll be doing each week, the first week is research while the second week is test shots, for the third week its refining my test shots and updating my blog, my forth week is getting my final shots and making sure there the best they can be and my final week is organising my images and making sure i have the amount needed for my project.



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