Project 1, week 2

This week i was taking test shots i had decided i was going to take location pictures in Rotherham as i can do location during college however i’m going to do light paining in the woods near my house as its closer and i know the area when its dark. For light painting i took test shots of areas i would like to revisit for my image final images.

I also took test shots at home using different light sources, to improve this i would have preferred to go outside but the weather wasn’t great, this stopped me from doing so.

The yellow looking light was done with a touch, while the purple light was done with and iPhone touch covered with purple plastic covering the light. For both images all i did was turn the lights off and covered the windows to stop outside light from getting in, this made the living room dark enough to practice some light painting.


For location i went to Clifton Park and took pictures of the woods and the surrounding area, these are places i would like to revisit when i start taking picture for my finale images.

dsc_0121I love the red in this image as it stands out from its surroundings, the red in this image are autumn leaves falling from the trees, the scatted leaves gives the image more vibrancy and creates a more interesting image the contrasting colours between light and dark and the capture of shadows give the image a mixture of texture. I wouldn’t change much within this image i would maybe try different angles and see what works best and play with the settings making the image a little brighter.


dsc_0133I like this picture as the trees are brightly coloured and nicely spaced out, with there being so many trees it links with my woods theme and it give a lovely location photograph. However i do not like the angle of this picture as the image looks slanted, when i redo this image i will make sure the ground is lined up with the camera making the picture look more flat and level.


dsc_0141I like the way the trees are layed out within this image, i would like to try a different angle when i revisit this place as well as trying to see if having people in the image makes it look better. Within this image i don’t like the bare trees but i like the way they are positioned so if i want to use this place as a location photo i will have to find an angle i like best.


dsc_0143I love the layered colors within this image going from bright colors due to the sun towards the back while getting darker closer to the camera due to the shadows. If i could change the image i would like to see what the image would look like swapped meaning the bright colors closer to the camera and the dark shadows towards the back, i would also like to try a different angle and level the image between the ground and the camera.




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