Project 1, week 5

This blog will contain pictures of my final images and edited images I have done but have not chosen for my 10 final pictures.

These’s 4 images are some of the originals and the edits I have chosen to use for my final images this is to show the difference between them, comparing the original and photo shopped image.


The first image (Original) is the raw file as you can see this image has a lovely wood’s theme however in the center of the image there is a distraction the people and the bin, these take your eyes away from the woods and to the center.

The second image (Photoshop) is a jpg file in this image you can tell the difference between the pictures, there are no distractions and it looks more neat, I have also turned the contrast up a little bit this is to make the colors look more bright.


The first image (original) is a raw file, with this image I loved the way the sparks fell and I liked the fact I had room in front for my other light painting, I wanted to use this picture as my background for my final image with other light painting as well.

The second image (photoshop) was heavily photoshoped I changed the contrast to make the light dimmer and i used the stamp tool to get rid of myself from the image, I placed layers of my light paining monsters and changed the contrast and brightness to make them stand out more against the dark background.



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These’s are my 10 final images and they are the ones I will be presenting to my peers and tutors. Within each image I have show my theme ‘the woods’ by using Photoshop i have made these’s woodland elements stand more out, I have done this by changing the brightness, contrast and curves I did this because it made the tress and other elements within my image look more vibrant and full of life even though these images were taking in autumn. I have also took out certain objects from my pictures as well I did this because I believed these certain objects were distracting and the image would look better without them.

I have chosen these 10 images because I think they were the best out of the edits and captured my theme more then the others.


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