This blog post will talk about this whole project from week one to five and my development through the week. This evaluation is all about my communication methods, skills and creativity.

My research helped me a lot with deciding what i wanted to create as i had a collection of images from pintrests and google images these images were picked before my final theme idea was decided so i looked through portraits, location and light painting, at the start i was leaning more towards just location however i liked some of the easy light painting done and i then decided to do both light painting and location. I then looked at images that were linked to both location and light painting and singled out certain pictures that were easy to copy and what interested me the most. With the help of my production plan i was able to organise my project and complete all the tasks. I was able to produce what i wanted to do having one image as my light painting and nine images as my location. In my opinion i was able to communicate my theme ‘the woods’ as i had elements of this in each  image. When i got feedback from my peers they each told me what they liked and what they didn’t like about each image, some liked the shadows as it gave the images a more 3D effect, while others liked the colours and how they stood out against the picture, some even said that because of the natural frame within the image they felt like they were standing in the picture, my peers like that my images were full of nature and weren’t cluttered saying that my images looked peaceful and calming. When i got feedback about what they didn’t like they told me that some of my pictures had the same sort of shot angle and that made the images look very similar, some of my peers suggested using a patch tool on some images to get rid of distracting objects while others said that some of my images didn’t look level and would look better if they were straightened up.

My processes worked very well as i was able to follow the plan easily, i worked through each stage with care and made sure everything was up to date. I shot in digital as i was doing both light painting and location and i needed a digital camera as the light paining would have needed a slow shutter speed to catch the lights movement and a digital camera was the only type to have this setting as a pinhole camera could not have captured what i wanted. I would have liked to try doing my location pictures with a pinhole as i love how the images come out once  inverted however i believed it would take too much time will trial and error so i kept to digital. I have kept all my final images in colour as i wanted my images to be bright and colourful, i also wanted to show off the autumn colours within the woods. There was one image that i wanted black and white to create emotion however when i changed the image on photo shop i lost a lot of detail within the picture so i kept it in colour.

My 10 final images do communicate my meaning/theme  to my audience but not as well as i wanted them too, my images do have my theme element ‘the woods’ but some are more clear then others this is because the picture may have been taken in the woods but the picture itself doesn’t represent the woods, i would have loved to retake some images to become more clear as well as at different angles as my images have the same shot type through out my final 10. However i have used all these images as my final 10, this is because once my practice shots were done there was no more time to retake images and due to the winter weather it wasn’t the best conditions to take pictures in. As a guess i would say i have 7 out of my 9 location images that shown  more of my theme the woods then the rest, these were the ones i liked the most as they captured my perfectly.

My research and understanding of my subject area has been effective as its helped given me ideas and its helped me understand what to do with my light painting and location images. For my research i looked into photographers who have done light painting and then looked into photographers who have done location, i wanted to  used some of there images as inspiration for my own, for location i looked at Pete Seaward who does location photography and i love his work as his images are so beautiful and he always has some type of focus. For light painting i looked at artists who had done  simple drawings that were easy to  replicate such as Eric Staller who uses sparklers to draw within his pictures.