Audio copyright and licencing

To use music and sound effects within my work they would have to be copyright free or to have been audio I have created myself, this is because of the copyright laws that are used to protect the creator of there work, if I wanted to licence my audio I would have to register, complete an application, send a copy of the audio and then pay the fees. If I wanted to use a popular song for my project then I could get done for copyright since I don’t own the sounds and didn’t get permission to use the song/sound effects from the creators.

I am choosing to create my own audio files by using copyright free audio from websites that allow me to choose both songs and sound effects so I can have the choice to use both within my project if i decide on what i’m wanting to use. I do however believe I would be using more sound effects then a song or music as sound effects would tell a story more clearly then song/music would, this is because a song or the music could be taken in a different way then what I was intending but by using sound effects I can clearly tell my story through my still images.


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