Audio Research

Audio within creative photography can be used to give effect and emotion within the image. By using audio such as free copyright music and sound effects you can create an atmosphere for the viewer, for example if the viewer saw an image of a child crossing the road they would have no idea what is happening and what that image represents, however if this image had audio it could tell a story and the viewer would then understand the meaning. If the audio was played in a order of a person walking,a bang, a car breaking, a crashing sound and then an ambulance siren this image would tell a story of a child being hit by the car but we as viewers would not have seen this with just a still image of a child crossing the road as it could be interpreted in many ways but it was the audio that made the intended story for the image.

This clip was taken from YouTube to show the range of audio used and demonstrates how audio help tell a story.

This video uses 3 types of audio. The first type of audio is music, they use a piano playing simple notes with no lyrics all the way through the video, the music helps create……. The second type of audio is sound effects, the video uses many different sounds such as waves crashing, shouting and a camera flashing within certain moments these described and amplify the moment. The last type of audio was of the young girl narrating the video, this helps tell the story and what the meaning of the video was and how she was feeling.

I played the video first without sound and then with this was to see how audio affected the video and what emotions it made me feel. Without the sound the video didn’t have enough emotional impact and wasn’t as powerful. With sound the narrator was able to connect emotionally and made the audio stand out more. The audio was easy to understand and clearly showed what they represented this helped with connecting to the video.

Using google im able to search and find copyright free audio and uses these sounds to help me when it comes to my project for ideas.


The link above shows a PowerPoint of some websites and what they offer, each website offers there own sounds effects and music with over hundreds of websites on google there are lots of options and ideas for my project. I believe that using my own sounds have both pros and cons, i think that it would be a good idea as the sounds would be more authentic giving the image more emotion and texture. However if i use my own sounds they may turn out an unwanted way and i wont use that sound also i may need certain sounds that are unavailable to me which means i would have to use copyright free sounds off from the internet.

This clip was taken from YouTube to demonstrate the use of narration/ storytelling.

The use of narration/ storytelling is to help the story be told. There are many reasons as to why we have narration and it depends on the theme, story and the creator some use storytelling to help the audience understand whats happening because there maybe a lack of dialog so we cant read or clearly see whats happening within the story another reason maybe because the creator wanted to show how the main character was feeling by narrating the story for example the ‘ReMoved’ video has the young girl narrate the video to show how shes feeling whereas in the ‘The red bus’ video narration is used to tell the story since there was no words within the video.




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