Foley sounds

Foley sounds are sound effect recorded in person, then added later to the film. A website on google said the reason that foley is used is because ‘Without Foley, a film sounds empty and hollow – the actors seem to be talking in a vacuum. The sound recordist, if they did a good job, has given us the dialogue and excluded everything else, but our films needs more than this for the picture to come alive. We need to hear the little sounds of clothes, furniture, etc – but we need to control those sound effects so they don’t obscure any of the dialogue.

Another common use for Foley sound replacement is adding it to documentary footage. Old historical film seems lifeless when it is screened without sound, and adding foley to it helps bring those long dead images to life. Next time you watch a history documentary that uses silent archival footage, listen closely and you should hear at least minimal Foley sound fx, mostly footsteps, behind the narration.

Foley can also be used to enhance comedy or action scenes. Watch most comedy films and you’ll notice that many of the sounds are enhanced for comic effect, and sometimes the Foley sound is the joke. As for action, most fist fights do not involve the actors really hitting each other, and even if they did we would not be able to record a satisfying punch sound. By punching and variously molesting such objects as cabbages, celery and sides of beef, Foley artists can record unique and much more ‘realistic’ action sounds.’

While looking on YouTube i have discovered how sounds are made and how they where placed within the film.

This video shows how foley was used within this movie, these foley artist play the movie while acting out noises that would be heard within the film, by using there own feet to create footsteps and metal objects to recreate the sound of trash cans falling they were able to bring the film alive with this recreation of sound.

This foley artist used an old movie from the 1960’s also know as silent movies and created his own sound effects while following the movie by doing music, sound effects and speech. This was to show how foley was used and what it does to a film.

This website allows you to listend and download free sound effects and music.



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