Test shots

How I edited:

The original image was much brighter then want I wanted so I changes the RAW image and brought down the brightness and contrast. Due to my image being taken in the woods and my model wearing white I placed a piece of fabric on the ground however it could be seen when the picture was taken. I removed the unnecessary fabric by using the patch tool and clone stamp tool on Photoshop, the tools weren’t perfect but they got the job done and removed what I wanted gone.



How I edited:

On Photoshop I opened up all 3 images in separate tabs and then put them all onto one picture by using cmd+a, this gave me 1 images in 3 layers. I highlighted my 3 layers and went to edit+auto align layers. I added a layer mask to the top layer, this turned the layer 1 and 2 black then I just painted the areas you want to see white. Once that was done i just had to crop the image to remove the boarder.




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