Task 1 FMP

Introduction, 14/03/2017

This Final Major Project will use all the skills, both practical and academic, that I have acquired during my course so far. This project will take you through my idea generation, specific research and then onto creating and evaluating a project that will be exhibited in June. This project will encompass both academic and technical skills and will be evidenced by written work in my WordPress, as well as by a submission of practical work.

Select a genre or area of photography:

The area I would like to develop for my exhibition is studio work and my genre is based on abject photography. I would like to do abject photography because I love horror and sfx make up and I wanted to base one of my projects on this theme, so I have chosen my final project. I didn’t want to just do horror so i was told about abject photography which also involves beauty.

Horror photography images: These images were just a few that I looked at. I first started to look at horror photography and see what ideas I got, majority of the images were surrealism and had a really interesting vibe as they told a story of sorts and made you look and wonder what has happening, however since I wanted to do studio work and i didn’t have a large time scale I looked into easier methods and more simple images that might spark an idea for what to do with my project.




Research around subject (Abject):

Abject photography – Showing something gross or horrible in a beautiful way.

Abject- Our reaction to a threatened breakdown in meaning caused by the loss of the distraction between subject and object or between self and other.

Abject art, which came before abject photograph, had artists interested before the renaissance. Abject was first used in performances. Brus, a performer, would urinate, defecating and cut himself as part of the performance, this had a huge influence on abject art. Rudolf Schwarzkogler, an Austrian performer, was the first to incorporate abject art into photography by using Brus’s performances.

Abject photography/ art is very popular because people love the contrast between something unattractive but then to make an image aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetic – Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Research into photographers:

A photographer who demonstrated the use of abject within there work was Eugene Segue a french artist and entomologist ( also knows as entomology this is like zoology but instead focuses on bugs). Eugene wanted to use his artistic skills to glorify the sublime beauty of nature.

I love Segue’s work because he’s made such beautiful and creative work from creatures that would normally be described as disgusting or gross.



Another photographer is Cristina Otero, now Otero is not an entomologist she is in fact a french photographer who loves make up, she works mostly on close up self portraits and it was one of her images that made me start to think on what to do for my project. I loved the fact that even though her images were disturbing her (or her models) face is natural beautiful and this contrasts with the image as she’s trying to make this disgusting creepy image but her face (mostly her eyes) make the image less disguising and just more beautiful, this is what makes the image abject and is what im hoping to do for my project.




Investigate project display methods:

 I like this display method as the images are large and clear, I also like the fact that this would be cheap to print images. If my project was on  a budget this would be an excellent way of budgeting as the images would be clear there would be many more as i could print many images.

 I like this display method as the display looks neat and tidy, there are also little sections of writing that could explain the title or image itself.

 I like this display method as its different to the usual hanging an image on a wall. this method, if chosen, allows me to add an object that could link with my images. However i’m using a digital camera so the images themselves would be larger then the ones shown in the google image, i still like the idea but it may turn out different then what i intend because my images are going to be large so there clear and grab the attention of my audience.


 I like this display method as its simple but organised, i like the simple pattern method that the photographer has used. However i don’t like that the images are small, but this could be so that the audience pays more attention by looking closer to see the image.

Other display methods such as albums were an option, however i only needed 10 images so there was no point in spending a lot of money as the rest of the pages would go to waste.

While looking at display methods we were told that the exhibition already had a hanging system and so we had to follow where the hooks already were. There wasn’t much space either so all 10 images wouldn’t fit unless they were a small size, this is when I decided to have 4 of my 10 images on the display wall at a medium to large size as I want my images clear and to stand out from other photos. Another display method I could use is velcro, as i can place my images on a foam bored then velcro my images to the exhibition wall velcro the images can be easily removed and placed in a certain way to what i want my display too look like.

According to Stellers Gallery the average eye level for gallery work is 58″ and this is what im aiming for within my work so my audience wont struggle or strain to see my images.

Audience at the exhibition:

My audience for my exhibition are locals and student as well as family and friends, for all ages and genders. My images maybe shocking

to the wide range audience however my audience is open minded with views on art and surrealism, and understand there an underling meaning to my images or a story to be told.

Investigate promotion and advertisement for exhibition:

There are many ways to promote my exhibition. Social media is a popular choice for promotion because everyone has it from Facebook to Instagram, Youtube to Snapchat the event/ exhibition will be liked, shared and linked to friends, family and strangers. Its the most popular choice because its all so the easiest way to get your planned event out to the public and reach many people within the area.

By using social media i can also upload my images to sites, this allows my to have a wider range audience. I can get feedback on my images and what people think, this can also lead to my images being shared with others and getting a wide audience.

Using leaflets and posters are also a great way to promote in the local area as they can be distributed and displayed everywhere such as shops, cafes, windows and schools. This is a common way to promote an event as people can take the leaflets if there interested as well as take note of the event when seeing the poster.


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