Task 2 FMP

My first and second slides are based on my research. The first slide is research into my genre/ theme, this was abject photography and hows its developed and been used this helped me understand what my project was based on the the key themes involved such as the contrast between beauty and horror. The second slide talked about an artist who used abject in his work, this was Eugene Seguy.


My third and forth slides are based on my influences for the project. The third slide talks about how i had many influences from a range of sites such as pintrest to Flickr. In this slide i also talk about a certain artist who had influenced me into my project called Cristina Otero and how her work made me become interested in her. The forth slide contains a range of images from Otero’s project that links with my theme of abject.

My fifth slide contains images for my mood bored. Most of these images were from pintrest and all have a similar theme, this being that the images have an element of beauty with an underlining horror or gory theme.

My sixth slide talks about my exhibition display method and the decisions i have made. In this slide i talked about how i wanted to have four medium to large sized images as i wanted my images to stand out. However i have changed my mind as it came to my attention that if i have my images that big my audience wouldn’t be very curios as its plain to see, this is where i changed my idea to have my images printed at a smaller size, this then allows my audience to be curious and to inspect my images at first they may see the flowers and the beauty and then they see the abject in the photography from my recurring theme of blood throughout my images.

My last slide contains my production plan and a week by week walk through as its a simple plan of majority of the weeks being shoots and Photoshop work as well as blog work along the way, towards the end of the weeks is where i start to print images and do any final changes or reprinting.


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