Task 3 FMP


These images contain the working process I took on how I created my images. In these images I use sfx by using liquid latex, cotton and flowers I bought at a local shop. You can see the transformation between each stage and how I was able to build up my subject.

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I tried a range of angles some of which I needed help, however I was still in charge of what the focus was and the settings used. I also tried two backgrounds one being white and the other a grey colour. I preferred the grey to the white as it give me the shadow effect I wanted. From the 35 images taken I only chose 6 to edit in Photoshop as these were the images that had more potential then the others as other were out of focus and not what I wanted.

When I first looked at my image I decided right then that it wasn’t going to be in colour as there was too much going on in the image and in general just didn’t look right. I changed the image to black and white by adding a black layer mask however the image still didn’t look right as turning the image black and white removed the difference between skin and blood, what I mean by this is that the blood in the image looked at though it was either part of the flower or just some black blobs and again in general just didn’t look aesthetically pleasing. It was at this point I was introduced to colour fill.

Colour fill: I used the same steps for each image I photoshoped.

I chose the same image to test what I wanted to colour in (as the images show) I coloured the blood and the flower to see which I liked best.

Between the two colour fill images I prefer the blood to be in colour then the flower, I like this because it gives more of a contrast within the image and sets a separation between the flower (beauty) and the blood (gore). I cropped my image down as I found that my hand became distracting within the image and made the main subject look smaller, by cropping I was able to make my subject appear bigger and put more into focus. I kept this theme throughout my next images only focusing on colouring the blood.

The images below are some of my images from this shoot.

DSC_0017 original

I like the contrast within this image as well as the shadowing along the wall, however im not liking the the fact that my flowers are out of focus but even though there out of focus the image still looks nice as the blood is clear and you can still tell what the subject is within the image.

DSC_0030 original

I like this photo because the whole image is in focus but I love the shadowing on the arm from the stem of the flower, however I think the blood looks a little to bright the be realistic but the overall image still looks great.


DSC_0042 original

I like this image because the red blood contrasts with the white flowers and stands out a lot more as well as this part (the white flower section) being in focus. However when the blood was on the purple flowers the blood also turned a more purple then red colour so when it came to colour fill the blood also turned purple and I didn’t like this as it looked out of place.

DSC_0044 original

I love this image because my main subject is in focus and there is a clear contrast between the flower and blood. There is not much I don’t like about this except I wish there was more contrast within the image, I did turn the contrast up on Photoshop however the image turned too dark when I tried to turn it up more so this is as much contrast I could get.




I didn’t like any of my images from this shoot as they didn’t look realistic to me, the images were a little rushed and that had an effect on the quality of the image.  In my opinion i believe the blood looked unrealistic and didn’t capture my theme of abject.



This is the original image and I like it even without Photoshop but its not my favourite, I think the blood and the skin colour doesn’t give much contrast within the image but you can still clearly see what the theme within my image is.


I love that within this image both the flower and blood that closest to the camera is in focus and the background is slightly out of focus, I like this because it draws attention to the flower and the blood surrounding it. The contrast within this image is great as the blood stands out again the black and white but still looks like it belongs making the images contrasting.



Even though the image is simple its one of my favourite’s. I love the contrast between the light and shadows but what I love even more is that even though there isn’t a lot of blood it still gives the contrast between abject and beauty. The image has a natural frame due to the shadowing making the edge of the image dark.



I believed this image had potential with the help of Photoshop, as the image is now it looks very flat in my opinion and doesn’t have much contrast between the body and flower, as well as little shadowing.


This is much better then the original as the image has a lot more contrast and since the flowers were a dark colour they turned black in Photoshop creative more contrast between skin and blood.

My curation choices

Once i’d decided what images to use I needed to figure out what order and size I needed for my display within the exhibition. I decided to display all my final 10 images, and had many different display ideas, however I wanted something simple but still effective. I bought two large frames at 20 x 16″ and two small frames at 8 x 6″. All my prints were 8x 6″, I had 8 landscape images and 2 portrait images. The two portrait images were able to fit in the 8 x 6″ frames and there was no order to them. With my 8 landscape images I was able to fit 4 images in one 20 x 16″ frame, with these 8 images I needed to figure some sort of order.

  These are the two portrait images, as you can see there is no need for an order.

 This was a first attempt with no thinking behind it, this was just to see what could be done within the images and what each images has.

 With this one the main focus was the hands however I did not like the arrangement because all the flowers within the images were white except one image.

 This display order focuses on going alternate (diagonal) images, this meaning the close up of the flower in the hands and the far away image of the flower in the hands, I liked this idea within all my frames but id have to see if my images could become pairs to do this.

 This display order was based on the images and there similarities. On the left side of the frame the same flowers are used and has the same atmosphere and look within the image. On the right side of the frame the same flower is used and has again the same atmosphere and look within the image, however I still didn’t like this display method as one side looks dark and enclosed with the lighting while the other looks very bright and open and the light wasn’t controlled.

The border

The border for my frame was a piece of card that was black on one side and white on the other this allowed me to choose which colour border I wanted. The colour border I chose was white as it contrasts with my images this is because majority of my images have a dark background and the edges are dark as well, this is what contrasts with the white border. The sections within the border are a little smaller then my images, this was done on purpose as I wanted my images to sit behind the frame, by using tape I stuck my images to the black side of my border so my images on the other side had a white border and were safely secured.

 This image shows the contrast between image and frame.

Display layout ideas:

These images also show the order the images have be placed within the frame.

 This idea was a basic layout and isn’t the one I will be using for my exhibition. I won’t be using this idea as I’m wanting my images to be at an average eye level. The only images within eye level are the two portrait images, this means that the frame above will be too high and the frame below will be too low.

 This layout is within eye level and looks good, however I don’t like the height gap between the smaller images and if I was to change this I would have pushed the gap together so it matched the smaller gap on the length sides of the frame (the sides closest with the larger frames), I will not be using this image for my exhibition.


 This layout is simple but still looks good as the cross section between the frames are level and have the same space between the gaps, however I don’t like how the images are placed and if I was to change this I would most likely swapped frames around switching the two large frames or the two small frames.

 This idea didn’t have much of a thought process as I was just rearranging the frames to see what would look best. I don’t like this layout as it looks odd and doesn’t really match, I will not be using this for my exhibition.


 This layout looks really good and I would like to use this sort of display within my exhibition, I like the way the images are close together but still has a space between the images however if I was to change this display I might switch the smaller image to see if that changes anything.

 This layout is the same as above however the top frame’s second row lines up with the first row on the bottom large frame. I like this much better as it looks more aligned and I will be using this layout for my display within my exhibition.








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