Task 4 FMP

My final major project has come to an end. This project has given me many challenges which I’ve had to overcome through problem solving. My project has taken many weeks and with each week I had something to do whether it be taking my images, editing on Photoshop, blog work or gaining material for my exhibition.

On 23/05/17 as a class we presented our final images, the images we are going to show at our exhibition. By doing this presentation I was able to gain feedback from my peers about what they liked and what they disliked about my project. I got equal amount of feedback, the positive feedback I got was that they thought my work was creative and different because it was something unusual and was interesting to my viewers, my peers believed that this project would stand out in the exhibition. The negative feedback I gained was more from peoples own personal opinions, such as some of my peers didn’t like how my whole images wasn’t in focus but this done on purpose as my main subject was more important than its surroundings.

I looked at many ways as to how I wanted to present my project at the exhibition but I came to the conclusion of just one. My original idea was to have an object hanging on the wall with my images attached this allowed them to hang from my object, the reason I didn’t follow through with this idea was because one of my peers showed interest in using this idea as well, I believed that if someone else as well as me used this idea it would take my audience away from its intended purpose to stand out from others. I then had to think of another idea that wasn’t to time consuming so I chose to use frames, the frames themselves wouldn’t attract an audience as they were plain. However, the layout of the frames may attract my audience as they are arranged differently to others. The reason my idea is different is because people may have there layout side by side or above and below each other this in my opinion is simple. My idea is to have two large frames above each other and two small ones that are placed at either side of the large fames. I like this idea as its different to how others my layout their frames.

I am please with my images because they are how I wanted them to turn out. If I was to change my images I would change the lighting, I would change this because I didn’t like how throughout my images they each have different lighting and some may have benefited the picture by creating a focus point or lighting up my subject . However, I would have a consistent lighting display so my images have a similar look and match of sorts. Another thing I  would change is the model as I used myself and this limited me when it came to the special effects as I only focused on my arms and chest. I would have liked to do some effects on the face to show more detail and to show a wider range of body parts.

I used a range of advertisement skills to show off my work  for our exhibition. I used posters and Facebook to show off my work to my peers and the public. We set up posters mainly around Rotherham because that is where the exhibition was being held. However, with Facebook I was able to show what day the exhibition was on and what time it was occurring this allowed the public to come and take an interest in my work.




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