Task 3


The feedback from both my peers and tutors were helpful to me as I understand what I did right and what I did wrong, as well as seeing what images they preferred. I have a range of both positive and negative feedback, and both will help me when it come to progressing in the future. Some positive feedback consists of having good exposure, lots of detail within my image’s making it look professional, the use of rule of thirds, the lighting in my shoe image and my use of depth of field in my leaf image, as well as all my images except the shoes could have been a series.

Some negative feedback talks about how I need to make sure my image’s are aligned with the enlarger, how my images could be more sharper and in focus, I need a more variety of images as well as trying a different location, some of my images needing more exposure time, I have marks on some of my images so I need to be careful when handling my paper and that my shoe image was unique but it didn’t fit in with my other images.

These are simple things I can correct in the future, when it comes to refining my work.


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