Task 4

  communication methods.. My primary research came from asking my tutors… My secondary research came from the internet. I looked up photography artists and there work as well as the history behind photography. methods and skills..   Advertisements

Task 3

Feedback The feedback from both my peers and tutors were helpful to me as I understand what I did right and what I did wrong, as well as seeing what images they preferred. I have a range of both positive and negative feedback, and both will help me when it come to progressing in the … More Task 3

Task 2

For my presentation I used 35mm film photography                                                                      

Task 1

History of photography 10th/ 11th century: Al Hassen developed camera obscure, however this only projected images onto other surfaces. 1826: Joseph Niepce used an early devise for projecting images (camera obscure) to capture the first photographic image. By using a pewter plate coated with bitumen he exposed the plate for 8 hours to light however … More Task 1

Task 4 FMP

My final major project has come to an end. This project has given me many challenges which I’ve had to overcome through problem solving. My project has taken many weeks and with each week I had something to do whether it be taking my images, editing on Photoshop, blog work or gaining material for my … More Task 4 FMP

Task 3 FMP

Shoots These images contain the working process I took on how I created my images. In these images I use sfx by using liquid latex, cotton and flowers I bought at a local shop. You can see the transformation between each stage and how I was able to build up my subject.   I tried … More Task 3 FMP

Task 2 FMP

My first and second slides are based on my research. The first slide is research into my genre/ theme, this was abject photography and hows its developed and been used this helped me understand what my project was based on the the key themes involved such as the contrast between beauty and horror. The second … More Task 2 FMP