Test shots

How I edited: The original image was much brighter then want I wanted so I changes the RAW image and brought down the brightness and contrast. Due to my image being taken in the woods and my model wearing white I placed a piece of fabric on the ground however it could be seen when … More Test shots

Foley sounds

Foley sounds are sound effect recorded in person, then added later to the film. A website on google said the reason that foley is used is because ‘Without Foley, a film sounds empty and hollow – the actors seem to be talking in a vacuum. The sound recordist, if they did a good job, has given … More Foley sounds

Lumen prints

Lumen prints use natural light, all we used was a piece of photography paper on a table in front of an window, then I placed my object (glass bottle) onto of the paper and then left it out in front of the light for 2 days. After 2 days using the natural light an image formed on … More Lumen prints

Photograms Refine

These were my last images and from the start to finish I believe my photogram pictures have improved only a little as they were easy to do but the pictures are a lot more clear and show a lot more detail, I think my knowledge of timing and light exposure have improved much more as I didn’t … More Photograms Refine