Photograms part 2

The aperture lets out light unlike a camera as a camera takes in light. If your picture turns black try reducing your time of the aperture. 1st attempt – Film, 10 seconds, the picture turned black meaning the picture was over exposed. 2nd attempt – Film, 10 seconds, aperture was turned down, clear picture. 3rd … More Photograms part 2


The ISO scale indicates chemical film sensitivity to light: ISO 100 – Low sensitivity, good for bright conditions, static scene, wide aperture and slow shutter. ISO 1600 – High sensitivity, good for low light, dynamic scenes, small aperture and fast shutter. Digital cameras exhibit similar noise at high grain levels. This picture was used from … More ISO

Basic photography

Shutter speed: How long your cameras sensor is exposed to light. Measured in fractions of a second 1/30, 1/60, 1/250, 1/500 Fast shutter reduces motion blur BUT admits less light. Fast shutter freezes time and uses less light. Slow shutter captures movement and uses more light. Aperture: The diameter of the lens opening. Expressed as … More Basic photography


I enjoyed doing photograms because they were very easy to do, all we had to do was find objects and then use the enlarger to create the picture, the only struggle was picking the exposure time and light. Enlarger settings: Yellow 55, Magenta 70 The enlarger is pre set to 10 seconds, to turn on … More Photograms