For my project i have been introduced to the idea of using audio and photography (still images) to create an interactive portfolio. By using a range of websites i have researched audio, photography ideas and what is an interactive portfolio and how it can be used in photography. For my audio research i looked into … More Evaluation

Idea Generation

As a class we went on a website called ‘Nearpod.com’ on the website we had a discussion about ideas we were having and how we get our ideas generally. By narrowing down our thoughts some of us have a basic idea as to what we want to do however when we each listend to each … More Idea Generation

Audio Research

Audio within creative photography can be used to give effect and emotion within the image. By using audio such as free copyright music and sound effects you can create an atmosphere for the viewer, for example if the viewer saw an image of a child crossing the road they would have no idea what is … More Audio Research