Test shots

How I edited: The original image was much brighter then want I wanted so I changes the RAW image and brought down the brightness and contrast. Due to my image being taken in the woods and my model wearing white I placed a piece of fabric on the ground however it could be seen when … More Test shots

Foley sounds

Foley sounds are sound effect recorded in person, then added later to the film. A website on google said the reason that foley is used is because ‘Without Foley, a film sounds empty and hollow – the actors seem to be talking in a vacuum. The sound recordist, if they did a good job, has given … More Foley sounds

Photograms Refine

These were my last images and from the start to finish I believe my photogram pictures have improved only a little as they were easy to do but the pictures are a lot more clear and show a lot more detail, I think my knowledge of timing and light exposure have improved much more as I didn’t … More Photograms Refine

Photograms part 2

The aperture lets out light unlike a camera as a camera takes in light. If your picture turns black try reducing your time of the aperture. 1st attempt – Film, 10 seconds, the picture turned black meaning the picture was over exposed. 2nd attempt – Film, 10 seconds, aperture was turned down, clear picture. 3rd … More Photograms part 2


I enjoyed doing photograms because they were very easy to do, all we had to do was find objects and then use the enlarger to create the picture, the only struggle was picking the exposure time and light. Enlarger settings: Yellow 55, Magenta 70 The enlarger is pre set to 10 seconds, to turn on … More Photograms